World Literature Today: Popping Up in Pop Culture


The avant-garde writings of Puerto Rican author Giannina Braschi have long been the subject of college courses and doctoral dissertations in fields ranging from Latin American studies and Spanglish linguistics to postmodern and postcolonial literatures. But these days her radical texts are popping up in popular culture and far-ranging spaces traditionally devoid of Latinx poetry, such as...

Cambio16 Entrevista: Nosotros somos la revolución


CAMBIEMOS con Jorge Neri Bonilla. "Pocas voces se han alzado en los últimos tiempos con la fuerza creadora y la capacidad de seducción de Giannina Braschi (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1953), la poeta puertorriqueña que ha revolucionado el panorama literario en América con una propuesta sincera, innovadora e inquietante, no exenta de una fina ironía que, por momentos, desborda en un humor ácido e...

Latin American Literature Today: Poetry, Philosophy, Science


Giannina Braschi is one of our great Latinx vanguardista poets, performers, fiction makers. However, like other deep creators—think Roberto Bolaño, Fernando A. Flores, Salvador Plascencia—the complexity of their work at once demands attentive study and scares off the weak of heart. Like a Borges or a Faulkner, Braschi pushes hard at the limits of creation. In this sense, she’s a poet and a poet’s...

On the Intersection of Fashion and Poetry


Fashion is a curtain that unveils the frenzy of poetry. Fashion offers us clues of the collective mood. Its frivolity is important because it makes light of what is heavy. Everything good in life has light or wants to become light.

On Poetry and Social Distancing


The New York States Writers Institute interviewed Giannina Braschi, a celebrated member of the Nuyorican poets and a pioneer of literature in Spanglish.