Empire of Dreams



I. Assault on Time

II. Profane Comedy

Dedication of Warning
1. Book of Clowns and Buffoons
2. Poems of the World; or The Book of Wisdom
3. Pastoral; or The Inquisition of Memories
4. Song of Nothingness 

III. The Intimate Diary of Solitude

1. Death of Poetry 
> The Adventures of Mariquita Samper
Life and Works of Berta Singerman 
> The Things That Happen to Men in New York! 
> The Queen of Beauty, Charm, and Coquetry Gossip 
> Portrait of Giannina Braschi 
> Mariquita Samper’s Childhood 
> The Raise 
> Manifesto on Poetic Eggs 

2. Rosarios de la aurora
> The Building of the Waves of the Sea 
> Mariquita Samper’s Financial Statement
> Requiem for Solitude 
> The Movement of the Waves of the Sea