Empire of Dreams (Epic Poetry)


Puerto Rican Poetry Classic

Empire of Dreams

Table of Contents

I. Assault on Time

II. Profane Comedy

Dedication of Warning
1. Book of Clowns and Buffoons
2. Poems of the World; or The Book of Wisdom
3. Pastoral; or The Inquisition of Memories
4. Song of Nothingness 

III. The Intimate Diary of Solitude

1. Death of Poetry 
> The Adventures of Mariquita Samper
Life and Works of Berta Singerman 
> The Things That Happen to Men in New York! 
> The Queen of Beauty, Charm, and Coquetry Gossip 
> Portrait of Giannina Braschi 
> Mariquita Samper’s Childhood 
> The Raise 
> Manifesto on Poetic Eggs 

2. Rosarios de la aurora
> The Building of the Waves of the Sea 
> Mariquita Samper’s Financial Statement
> Requiem for Solitude 
> The Movement of the Waves of the Sea