On the Intersection of Fashion and Poetry

Portrait of Franco Lacosta and Giannina Braschi

Franco Lacosta, fashion designer and creative director of the ABC hit television series The Bachelorette, interviewed the iconic Puerto Rican poet and writer Giannina Braschi for Photobooth on her life-long love of fashion.  Here is an excerpt…


Franco: As a teenager in San Juan, you were a tennis champion and a fashion model on the “Ten Best Dressed” list.  If there were a list the “Best Dressed Authors,” you would certainly top that list too. This season, I was delighted to see you pairing Christian Dior and Franco Lacosta. What is it about design that excites you?

Giannina: Fashion is a curtain that unveils the frenzy of poetry. Fashion offers us clues of the collective mood. Its frivolity is important because it makes light of what is heavy. Everything good in life has light or wants to become light. 

Franco: Whenever I work with models, I’m always looking for their light and buoyancy. Maybe that is the dynamic duo that poetry and fashion have in common.

Giannina: Yes, plus fluidity.  Poetry and fashion hinge on those transitions between impermanence and permanence.Fashion and poetry require humor and taste. We are the makers of manners, and manners require a clear expression of style. We capture the mood of our time and the fluidity.

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